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QUICKER System - sizes

QUICKER System - sizes

The QUICKER stand system consists of a family of 7 standard models with the following dimensions (width x height measured flat):

- Medium Window QUICKER: 42 x 68 cm

- Big Window QUICKER: 50 x 76 cm

- Medium QUICKER: 42 x 138 cm

- Big QUICKER: 50 x 158 cm

- Big QUICKER Plus: 60 x 180 cm

- Big QUICKER Slim Plus: 50 x 190 cm

- Maxi QUICKER: 65 x 190 cm

In the QUICKER system, the widths are fixed, but it is possible to shorten the height of each of the given models.

QUICKER System - technologies

QUICKER System - technologies

The QUICKER system is the result of 20 years of experience of our company in the production of automatic stands. These are the only automatic stands in the world produced on a fully automated, ecological production line, available in two unique technologies (registered Community Designs):

- QUICKER AUTO: a system of fully automatic stands that have a tensioning mechanism made of natural rubber. They open in a second and are fully recyclable.

- QUICKER ECO: a system of easily foldable stands that are 100% ecological, construction made of 100% cardboard. They open in 5 seconds and can be disposed of as a mono-raw material.

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